Our website does not speak English. But we are working on it! 

Here we will provide you with basic information in English if you need it!

Online (chats) and in the studio you can to communicate in czech, english and polish languages with us. We do not make phone calls in a foreign language!

Why should I choose your studio?

  • We belong to the top in the city and its surroundings (Reviews from other sites)
  • We have over 1600 satisfied customers
  • We massage with natural BIO oils that we mix ourselves
  • We have an electrically adjustable sunbed
  • As the only ones in the area, we dim the light to a minimum during your massage

I want to come!

All clients must have a reservation. Reservation is required, otherwise do not visit the studio!

You can make a reservation in two ways, choose:

  1. ONLINE (website are in czech language) - HERE
  2. (RECOMMENDED) FACEBOOK CHAT (available in English, Polish) - HERE
    (Maybe even the orange icon in the lower right)

I have gift card / voucher.


If you make your reservation yourself online:

  • - In the list, select the correct service from the "USE VOUCHER / VYUŽITÍ VOUCHERU" menu
  • - In the last step in the reservation, enter "CODE FOR APPLICATION/KÓD PRO UPLATNĚNÍ" (The number from the voucher)

If you chat with us (facebook), dictate (write) us the "CODE FOR APPLICATION/KÓD PRO UPLATNĚNÍ" from the gift card.

I lost the gift vouchers or is past the expiration date:
We are sorry, a refund is not possible. 

Mandatory and optional data 

To make a reservation, we want to know your:

First and last name, phone number, email address, length of massage, (Gift voucher number), you must agree to the Czech/EU rules for the protection of personal data and general terms and conditions. 

If you want, you can add additional data (optional):
- Which body part do you want to massage?
- Special oil, fragrance?
- The color of the lighting in the studio.
- How will you pay? (Card, Cash)
- And others
It's better to arrange it later in the studio. 

Types of massage

Do not take this into account when booking. In the studio, the masseur will choose the best of: classic, sports, regeneration and relaxation techniques for you.

Choose only the length of the massage. These are: 30, 50, 80 minutes (Price difference).

Body parts to massage

As needed, you can choose from the following (according to your requirements): Legs from front and back, Buttocks, Back, Neck, Whole hands, Fingers, Abdomen and chest / cleavage.

This is not sexual services! The techniques are based on approved EU principles. 

What should I bring with me?


We have everything prepared for you. From towels, oils, disposable underwear to music. You just have to come on the reserved date and time. In time. 

Do I have to be naked?

You don't have to. But you always put away any clothes that:

  • made of leather, leatherette or denim
  • clothes that have a button or zip
  • you take off your shoes 
  • Clothing according to the massage area
  • You put away chains, rings, piercings and watches 

Medical complications - refusal

Costumers with cancer, with leukemia, with arteriosclerosis, with infectious disease, with inflammatory skin disease, with osteoporosis in grade 3 or higher, with ankylosing spondylitis (Bachtěrev's disease), with conditions requiring bed rest, with a body weight of more than 130 kilograms

Medical complications - must tell the staff

Allergies to cosmetic products, high or low blood pressure, replaced joints, varicose veins, hernia, menstruation, medical procedures that await you

I have a reservation

If we sent you a confirmation email, your reservation is valid. Now all you have to do is come to the salon on the specified date and time.

We will send you a reminder message to the phone number you entered one day before the reservation. Do not reply to the message. We send them automatically.

I want to cancel the reservation

The reservation can be canceled 48 hours before the scheduled date. Otherwise, the reservation forfeits 100% of the service price. If the service has not been paid for, you will receive an invoice for payment.

You can cancel the reservation via the link in the email (reservation confirmation), then log in to the reservation system (Reservio). The website is in Czech.

The fastest way to cancel a massage is to send us an SMS message.
Write "cancel massage and YOUR NAME"!
And send to the phone number: +420 725 05 05 25 

Thank you for your cooperation

Price a payments

The price of the service depends on the length of the massage:

  • 30 minutes = 390 CZK
  • 50 minutes = 690 CZK
  • 80 minutes = 990 CZK

We accept payment cards and cash only in Czech crowns. We do not accept other currencies. 

If you book online, you must pay by online card. Otherwise, the reservation will not be valid. 


GP is a loyalty program for customers who want to visit us regularly. They get a lot of benefits and a more favorable price list.

Notice! We conclude a contract with customers, which is binding and charged according to the price list. Due to legislation, such a contract must be concluded in a language you understand. Foreign clients cannot conclude such a contract.

More questions?

You can use: