Massage in Frýdek-Místek


Welcome to Filip Klár massage

Visit our massage studio in Frýdek-Místek - Masáže Filip Klár. Relaxing and sports massages with first-class natural oils from the Nobilis Tilia brand. Give your muscles faster regeneration, relaxation and rest in this beautiful studio.

Monday - Sunday    8am - 8pm
reservation required or online booking

Which massage you can choose

If you do not know the advice, we will be happy to recommend it on the spot. 

Relaxing and sport

Classic Swedish massages. To relieve muscle pain or relaxation.

Dark experience

A gentle relaxing massage in the dark. The client is completely naked. 

How are we doing since the disintegration of the measures? 

Number of reservation

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Price list

The price of each massage includes an initial consultation with a masseur (approx. 5-15 minutes); towel rental and drinking regime.

Relaxing or sport massage - 60 minutes

590 CZK

Dark experience - 60 minut

590 CZK

Extension of the massage by 15 minutes 

100 CZK